In the media

Kualao has been widely featured in the local, as well as the international, media. We have been reviewed in newspapers, magazines and online blogs and featured on television, social media and well known branding campaigns. Below are excerpts and snippets of what some of the media have said about us.

Kualao's Jaguar Mark X Makes Cameo Appearance

This is one of the most beautiful weddings to have ever happened. We are glad that they found each other in this lifetime, even if they were willing to search for each other until the next. No couple has ever been so perfect for each other, no two souls so compatible, no two hearts so synchronized, no two lives so intertwined, and no two destinies so parallel. We wish you the best of happiness, the sweetest of pleasure and the sexiest of offspring. Congratulations again: Touly & Tui.

P.S. Check out Kualao's 1966 Jaguar Mark X cameo appearance.

The 10th Lao Food Festival takes place from January 29-31

VO The 10th Lao Food Festival takes place from January 29-31 at Chao Anouvong Park in Vientiane. INTRO: People with a taste for good food will be able to satisfy their stomachs at this year's Lao Food Festival, which is scheduled to take place from January 29-31 at Chao Anouvong Park in Vientiane.

"1000 Places to See Before You Die: A Traveler’s Life List”

“For an authentic dinner with a refined touch, Kua Lao is a favorite among travelers and adherent locals. In addition to providing excellent service and already flavorful Lao specialties…” by Patricia Schultz

Fodor’s Travel

“In a fading mansion one block southeast of Nam Phu Square, this is one of Vientiane’s best Lao restaurants. The food is quite good, and the vast menu ranges from mok pa fork (banana-leaf wrapped in steamed fish cooked with eggs, onions, and coconut milk) to gaeng panaeng (a thick red curry with chicken, pork or beef). Servings are small, so most people order several entrees or set menus with seven to nine dishes, plus dessert and coffee. Photos and English descriptions facilitate the ordering process.”

Frommer’s Southeast Asia

“Kua Lao serves excellent Lao far in a traditional atmosphere. This restaurant, set in a restored colonial mansion, offers music and Lao dancing each evening. It’s a bit of a tourist kitsch, but the staff is very kind, and their desire to infuse your dining experience with Lao culture is quite genuine. Nowhere else will you find such an extensive menu of Lao food with English descriptions (and pictures), and many will appreciate the numerous options for vegetarians, not to mention a whole page of tempting Lao desserts. Try the laap (or larp), a mince of fish, chicken or beef mixed with spices and mint; it’s excellent when accompanied by a basket of sticky rice and eaten by hand. If you’re going upcountry or heading out to the boondocks, this is a good place for a primer on Lao cuisine.”